Current Winners

Fall 2013

Jeffrey Aarles, Toronto, ON

The Golden Dolly is a voyage through the poet Lord Byron's turbulent year-long marriage to Annabella Milbanke. It's a sexy and tumultuous romp through one of history's most impossible - and publicly scrutinized - love affairs.

Jeffrey Aarles has written several full-length screenplays, and evolved pitches for a number of original television ideas. He wrote two episodes for the series 15/Love, for one of which a young actress was nominated for a "Best Performance in a Children's or Youth Program" Gemini. In March of this year his feature-length screenplay Perchance to Dream was named as a semi-finalist in the Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards Screenplay Contest, and this May his short script RE: was a finalist in the Canadian Short Screenplay Competition. The Golden Dolly is his most recently completed screenplay. He is currently based in Toronto.


Cathryn Atkinson, Garibaldi Highlands, BC

Love, sex and death make a charming threesome-on-the-prairies as a grieving, unfaithful man builds a massive stone monument to his dead wife on his front lawn.  

Cathryn Atkinson is a fiction writer, journalist and editor. She holds an M.A. in Theatre Arts/Playwriting from Goldsmiths College, London, U.K. She lived and worked in Britain for 15 years, writing and editing for The Guardian, The Observer, The Financial Times and others. In Canada, she has written for The Globe and Mail, NewStatesman magazine, Elle and Agence France-Press.

In 2000, Cathryn won the duMaurier Playwriting Challenge at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. She was a short story finalist in the 2009 CBC Literary Awards.

Originally from Winnipeg, Cathryn lives in Squamish, B.C., and writes for Pique Newsmagazine in Whistler. She is currently in the six-month ProSeries screenwriting course offered by ScreenwritingU in L.A.   

Alice Deegan, Vancouver, BC

In 1830's Canada, Bridget O'Brien treks through the wilderness in search of her missing sister and the mysterious Woman in White who has haunted her family since childhood. 

Alice Deegan is a recent graduate of the Film Production Program at the University of British Columbia, where her films earned her the Best Writing and Best Direction awards two years in a row. Her short film Feint was also nominated for Best Student Production at the 2013 Leo Awards.

Rhonda Jesckey, New Westminster, BC

Near the end of WWII a young woman from a pacifist sect becomes entangled in military secrets, accused of treason and is sent to Kingston Prison  sparking the Cold War and Churchill's Iron Curtain speech.

Rhonda Jesckey is a screenwriter and composer.  She graduated from SFU, started writing screenplays in 2006 and currently works as a music teacher in Vancouver. 

Lulu Keating, Dawson City, Yukon

In Canada's far north, life and love is not for the weak of heart.  

Lulu Keating has over 25 years of professional experience as a writer,director and producer. In 1985 Keating directed her first documentary in Japan, about Canadian singing legend Rita MacNeil. In 1989 she made her first feature, The Midday Sun. Shot entirely in Zimbabwe, it tells the story of a well-intentioned volunteer. The Moody Brood is an animated documentary that won numerous awards and wide acclaim. Lucille's Ball, is Keating's second feature. Keating lives in Dawson City, Yukon, where she is developing several features, a documentary and a dramatic series.

Darrell Racine, Brandon, MB
Screenplay: CROW NEST

A teenage Aboriginal girl returns to her northern reserve after the death of her father and takes up his fight to stop a hydro-electric project that threatens to flood their traditional lands.

My name is Darrell Racine. I am Metis from the Turtle Mountains in Southwestern Manitoba. I currently teach in the Department of Native Studies at Brandon University. I have been teaching here for fifteen years. In the past ten years I have written two plays with Dale Lakevold in our English Department. I just started teaching an Aboriginal screenplay course here at Brandon University. I learned to tell stories from my father who was a trapper and hunter and have attempted to transfer the narrative structures from these stories into my writing.

Joyce Thierry Llewellyn, North Vancouver, BC & Garnet Hirst, Nova Scotia

Drifter Fiddle MacPhife arrives in destitute Dulse Dull Cove, NS, and for a price offers to use his music to bring prosperity back to the town.  His fiddle playing soon has the Cove packed fin to fin with fish but Mayor Normi McNitty refuses to pay, "Cause he's playing us like a fiddle!"  When the cod disappear and are replaced by marauding seals blocking the town's streets, the Mayor is forced by the Town Council to ask MacPhife for help a second time.  What happens next is a lesson for anyone who has ever considered mixing music with miracles.

Joyce and Garnet haven't seen each other in person since they were residents at the Canadian Film Centre's  "TV Drama Program" 16 years ago but they have continued to successfully co-write film and TV scripts and recently completed their second MOW "creature" script together.  Garnet is an East Coast award-winning playwright and theatre director who wrote, directed, and produced a feature, Opus For a Miracle (in post-production) and a TV pilot, Slower you Move, Faster you Die.  West Coaster Joyce has written and story edited film, television, and corporate scripts and is also a screenwriting teacher who likes to indulge in both travel and narrative non-fiction writing. 

Katherine Wagner, North Saanich, BC
Screenplay: YELLOW

Yellow is a character driven drama about an aging professional road cyclist who seizes his last chance to win the Tour de France, despite a failing drug-riddled body, and pressure from his tour-tired wife who longs for him to throw in the towel. 

Katherine writes fiction and screenplays, short and long, for children and adults. She is an M.F.A. candidate in creative writing at UBC and holds a B.A. and M.A. in sociology from the University of Victoria. Her sociology thesis on local organic food systems is a forthcoming book chapter. Katherine has worked as a copywriter and copyeditor, and she has served on the editorial board of PRISM International Literary Journal; she currently works as a creative writing mentor at Booming Ground. She lives with her family in Victoria B.C.